Brynn&Ellie. Contest Winners! March 2011 *Annapolis Child Photographer*

Meet Brynn and her little sister Ellie (and dog, but I forget the dog’s name!) Their mom was my “Two Years without a Real Job” Contest winner! I’m sure they don’t understand what that means exactly, but they had a fun time with their free photo shoot. They rocked their tutu’s and bows from Purple Daisy Boutique quite well, as well as their matching pink nail polish. I’ll be doing a photo shoot with Purple Daisy Boutique soon too, to show off all her fabulous creations! If you need any cute girly stuff, check out her Facebook page at the link above.

I love the laughter! pure happiness, just spinning around in circles

Showing off the nail polish

sister love <3

If my memory serves me correct, his name is Tuck, but that could be completely out of nowhere…. maybe I’m right!

pure. innocent. fun! jealous! I’d probably look silly spinning around and falling over. Wait, I have done that and it wasn’t nearly as graceful 😉