Billy is Baptized! July 2011 *Kent Island Baby Photographer*

This was a special day for this family. A big party was planned to celebrate the baptism of little Billy, who was 7 months old at the time. I also take all of his cousins’ photos, so I get to see them all pretty often (there’s four of them total, so they keep me busy!) You can find them in here, too, trying to steal the camera spotlight!  I hadn’t actually seen Billy since we did his newborn photos at 8 days, but I felt like I watched him grow up through Facebook photos! here is what he looked like then: 

And here is how he looks now!: 

As you can see, he has gotten a lot bigger and possibly even cuter. (I’ve always told his mom how cute he is and it’s NO lie!)

Is he giving me attitude here?! or maybe just sick of the paparazzi by now?

I considered editing this one, to make everyone look happy at the same time but I think I prefer it in it’s natural state, it shows their true personalities! 

Strollers taste SO good

A parrot even came to the party!