how to prepare for a newborn session! *Annapolis Newborn Photographer*

If you have a newborn session planned, or are thinking about scheduling one, here are some tips that will help make it go smoother!:

  • The best piece of advice (that’s why I’m putting this first!) is to schedule the session as soon as possible, so the photos can be taken as young as possible! The best age range for newborn photos is about 4-8 days.  Each day afterwards, they start to “wake up” and get more of a routine going. The younger they are, the more they will sleep, which translates into happy, sleepy baby photos. It also makes the session go by much smoother and faster! If they are younger, I can usually be in and out of your home in about 2.5 hours. If they are older it usually takes longer, sometimes up to 3-4 hours (and really, we know you don’t want me there for four hours!!!) to achieve the same  effect, if it can even be achieved at all (sometimes babies fight me and won’t sleep, they still look cute but it’s SO much easier to pose them when they’re sleeping)
  • Feeding the baby right before or at the beginning of the scheduled start time is recommended. A full belly = sleepy, happy baby and that’s always a good way to start the session. It’s very typical to have to stop along the way to feed them again, but starting out full is always best!
  • Many of the photos are taken without clothes but if there is a specific outfit you would like the baby to wear, have it on them before the scheduled session (and before you start to feed them). This way we won’t have to wake them up to change them, just to try to make them fall back asleep for the photos!
  • Think of props you may want to use before the session! I bring many blankets, hats/headbands, baskets and props but I tend to keep it simple. I try to not detract from the main focus, the baby, but props can make for some very cute and interesting photos. If you have any props, family heirlooms, stuffed animals, baskets etc. that you may want to use in the photos, pull them out and have them ready for the session! We will do our best to incorporate them into the photos.
  • I usually take over a room that is both open and has a good amount of natural light. It is usually the living room but it can even be the kitchen, dining room, bedroom etc! I will try to not invade your privacy too much, but it is possible I may want to check out rooms in your home, to see what will suit the photo session best, so make room for me! Sometimes I take a “lifestyle” type of approach while photographing the family, so using the parent’s bedroom or couch is common, so make sure those areas are at least somewhat clean! 🙂
  • Finally, relax and enjoy… from what I’m told, the newborn phase goes by in a flash and is one quick, lack-of-sleep blur! I am here to forever document this beautiful phase!

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