How to Prepare for a Newborn Session

  • The best piece of advice is to schedule the session as soon as possible, so the photos can be taken as young as possible! The ideal age for newborn portraits falls within the first two weeks of life.  The younger they are the more they will sleep which makes posing them much easier. If you miss this window of time, do not stress – they will be equally cute and photograph fine at an older ages, it may change the style of poses a bit, since they’ll likely be bigger and more alert.
  • Please block off about four – five hours of your schedule on our session date and do not schedule any appointments or plans immediately afterwards. It should not take this long to finish the session but we are on the baby’s terms as far as what we can accomplish and if we have to rush through it, we may not achieve all the looks and poses we are going for. thank you 🙂
  • Feeding the baby right around the scheduled start time is recommended.  In order to keep them happy, we will likely take breaks along the way to feed them again but starting out full is always best!
  • Many of the photos are taken without clothes but if there is a specific outfit you would like the baby to wear, try to have it on them before the scheduled session. That way we won’t have to wake them up to change them, just to try to make them fall back asleep for the photos.
  • Try not to drink caffeine the morning of the session, if you’re breastfeeding – it will wake you up but it also keep the baby up! Also, if you’re breastfeeding – avoid spicy foods the night before and day of the session, since this can upset the baby’s stomach.
  • I supply everything we need for the session however, personal props can be used and often make for some very cute and interesting photos. If there are any specific outfits or props you like, please bring them along and we will do our best to incorporate your ideas into our poses!
  • For in-home sessions, I will usually set up my portable studio in whatever room has the best lighting and space to move around. It is often the living room but it can even be the kitchen, dining room, bedroom etc! I will try to not invade your privacy too much but it is possible I may want to check out rooms in your home, to see what will suit the photo session best. If possible, I take a “lifestyle” approach while photographing the family, so using the bed or couch is also common.

Items to bring to your studio newborn session:

  • Bottle + formula (If you use it)
  • Pacificer
  • Extra set of clothes for the baby, siblings and/or parents
  • Grooming items for mom + dad (brush, makeup, toiletries etc.)
  • Any props/hats/blankets etc that you may want to use, but I have everything we need! 🙂



Do you have a studio?
Yes and it’s adorable. As of July, 2017, I’ll be operating out of a cute beach cottage studio, right along the North Beach, MD boardwalk. This space will primarily be dedicated to photographing newborns, babies and their families. All posed newborn sessions will be held in the studio. I have everything we need right there, all you need to do is show up!  If we choose to, there are a variety of backdrops right outside the studio doors, that we can also take advantage of.

How long does a portrait session typically last?
posed, in-studio newborn sessions: 3 hours+

maternity, babies, kids and families: 1-2 hours

How long will it take to see my photos?
I always share one preview right away and your full gallery is typically posted 10-14 days after the session.

How long is my online gallery available?
All orders must be place within 10 days of receiving your online gallery. Once an order has been placed, the gallery will remain online indefinitely.

Will my photos print with the “little dunks photo” logo on them?
If you order a digital collection or prints from your gallery, there will be no logo on them. The logo is only for display online.

What is your style of newborn photography?
Newborn sessions primarily focus on the new baby, with a full set of posed portraits which includes props, blankets, baskets etc. I do not pose the baby in positions that are unnatural or heavily photo-shopped, I will only work them into poses they can achieve on their own. If there are siblings, I will always include a set of the newborn with them, as well as a set with the parents. For the family shots, I tend to photograph them in a more lifestyle/candid way – around the home or outdoors.

What should I wear to my portrait session?
I encourage you to dress in a style that you feel represents who you are as a person. If you don’t feel comfortable, don’t wear it because that will come across in your portraits. Solid and neutral colors  (black, white, navy, cream etc.) often work well for a family being photographed with newborn babies. Having an extra outfit or shirt for parents of newborns and the babies and toddlers themselves, is never a bad idea, either 🙂

For inspiration, I have created a board on Pinterest that shows many family outfit ideas:

What kind of camera gear do you have?
I use Canon cameras, flashes and lenses and have back ups of everything!

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