Olivia, again!-Aug 2010 *Annapolis Family Photographer*

These three are all super cute and so nice. I’ve been lucky enough to do maternity, newborn and now 6 month old photos for them. They loved Annapolis so much, they decided to come back for a visit and I was happy to shoot in my town again!


Lots of cute little boys have been in front of my camera this year, check ’em out:

Girls, Girls, Girls-2010

I have  A LOT of baby photos, in no particular order here are some of the little ladies I’ve been lucky enough to shoot:

Becky, Baby and Family-April 2011 *Annapolis Family Photographer*

Baby #3 is a mystery baby! I know his or her name, but it’s still a secret to the rest of the world! (I’m special and get to know all the insider’s info) Abigail is giving her new sibling some flowers:Everyone giving the baby a high five!
the “baby” Jack having some fun. I love shots of kids doing what they do best, having fun!