Meet 7 Day Old Sophia Grace-May 2011 *Annapolis Baby Photographer*

I had a string of May newborns and baby Sophia’s session was right in the middle of the baby boom! Her mom told me that she would not sleep unless she was being held. I thought I could use some of the tricks that I’ve learned along the way, but NO, she WAS NOT going to sleep!!! I am not a baby whisperer and I’m totally okay with that! Luckily, her parents were super sweet and just let her do her thing. That’s what I tend to like the most anyway, people doing what they do best… being themselves. Which in her case also meant going to the bathroom w/no diaper… a lot! 🙂 I’m glad I have a washing machine!

Tiny hands
The only prop we used, a pic for Dad while he is over seas: So sweet!

Tiny Toes
Happy Parents!