The Power of Editing!!! *Eastern Shore Baby Photographer* *Annapolis Baby Photographer*

While working this morning, I thought about editing and how powerful of a tool it is. Of course there are many examples of over-editing and bad editing but with newborns, in particular, I find that it is a vital part of my workflow. Check out the comparison of these two photos:

This shot was taken using a Canon 5D Mark II w/a Sigma 50mm 1.4 lens. Settings: ISO 1250 (it was dark!) 2.2 @ 1/200, also bounced flash for some extra lighting.

As you can see, they need a little extra help! Every little detail shows, since the camera is focused so closely on their tiny faces.

To enhance this image, I adjusted: white balance, sharpening, contrast and brightness w/levels and curves. I also am a fan of actions, such as Noiseware and Portraiture to smooth out the skin and the overall image. Finally, I cloned the missing piece of blanket, as well as many skin blemishes.

I am a believer in the combined effort of photographer skills, camera and lighting settings and finally, editing abilities! You need to know how to do all three, to make it work!

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